Saturday, November 29, 2008

Book 57 of 2008: Failure by John Everson

Book Description:

Raymond is such a failure, he can't even kill himself and get it right. Cindy just plain doesn't care; she'll get on her knees for anyone beneath the football field bleachers to score a nickel bag hit. And Sal is a frustrated goon with a hook nose and an attitude so sour he can't nail a girl even with the lure of free dope and a getaway car.

When these three desperate teens meet Aaron, a failed practitioner of the dark arts who offers them the best high they've ever smoked in exchange for some kinky sexplay inside his pentagram, things can only go from bad to worse. Aaron hopes to ensnare and re-birth the spirit of a late witch, to capture her power from beyond the grave for his own.

Soon, they'll all learn the darkest, bloodiest, most terrifying definition of Failure.

My Opinion:

John Everson is certainly NO failure!!! This short chapbook released by Delirium Books is both gorgeous and well-written. Everson both designed the cover art and wrote the story... a man of MANY talents! The story starts off introducing the reader to each main character in the book as well as to what is going on with them. From there it flashes back and forth between flashbacks to what happened in the past to get them to this point and what is happening in the present. Everson's use of such intense imagery makes you feel like you are there watching the scene first hand. The flashback scenes are so "wild" that some readers might not be able to handle them, but TRUE horror fans will appreciate the writing style as much as I do.

John Everson has "wowed" me more and more with each book I've read by him. I have always enjoyed erotic horror to a point, but he has taken it to a whole new level for me with his writing style. He has ultimately become my favorite author. To anyone reading this that is a fan of horror... if you haven't checked out John's work yet, I HIGHLY recommend doing so. If you are a fan of novels, start of with COVENANT. If you like short stories, track down NEEDLES & SINS. I promise you... you won't be disappointed.

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